Developers' benefits

Primary developer site is located at http://devel.nomrhis.net/. Although brief advantages description reside here.

NOMRHIS - superset of protocols defining network browsing method using once downloaded program - NOMRHS-client. User interactions interface include 3D/2D graphics display, audio recording and reproduction, user input from mouse, keyboard, joystick and other common devices.

Partial comparison for ease of explanation:

Display oriented Document oriented
Doesn't specify document storage format and transfer method Does specify document storage format (HTML, XML) and transfer method (HTTP)
Specifies the way picture is displayed directly: by drawing functions or scene composition Specifies the way picture is displayed indirectly: by CSS and HTML-tag attributes and DOM structuring
Operates over single connection during session, state is kept during connection Request-based, stateless. Each request requires state information to be resent

Definitive features of NOMRHIS-based development:

  • Native availability of cross-platform graphics (3D and 2D) engine with support of audio reproduction and recording and complete user input system
  • Fast, lightweight and secure client-side scripting environment (which is basis for the flexible approach)
  • Reading/encoding support for common video, audio, image and font formats
  • Built-in encryption and compression implementation
  • Advantages of TCP and UDP protocols (both with and without encryption); most effective network transfer implementation
  • Openness, document availability, usage freedom, including embedded and commercial implementations based on original system
  • Availability of basic server software (including bindings); ability to use multiple languages for server-side implementations, including scripting languages. It is even possible to use single language (Lua) for NOMRHIS-site: both for client side and for server side programs

Outlook features:

  • Availability of out-of-the-box environment for development and debug
  • Availability of additional development instruments (text editor, raster and vector image editor, 3D modeling and animation software, audio editor and more). Such instrument kit would abolish development outside NOMRHIS-browser.
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